Wellness Coaching

Did you know that chiropractors are the original wellness coaches?  Doctors of Chiropractic, since the founding of chiropractic as a profession, have been helping their patients improve their overall health and well-being. 

For years, way before “wellness” became popular and trendy, chiropractors have encouraged our patients to incorporate the following practices to achieve optimal health:

  • Exercise
  • Good Nutrition & Proper Hydration
  • Quality Rest
  • Positive Mental Attitude
  • A Balanced Spine & Properly Functioning Nervous System

Today, these “Five Facets of Health,” are included in most wellness plans or lifestyles.  And once again, chiropractors are in the forefront of leading the wellness charge. 

If you are interested in living a wellness lifestyle or taking a more active role in your health, you may benefit from Wellness Coaching by Dr. Brooks.  Dr. Brooks will help you to create a customized wellness plan based on your interests, goals, and abilities.  

We are pleased to be able to offer this service in-office as well as virtual by way of telehealth visits.  To schedule your first Wellness Consult, call 614-784-WELL or request an appointment now.

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