Providing Optimal Health & Wellness Through Chiropractic

"Chiropractic care offers more than just pain relief.”

At ChiroCare for Women, we help women who desire to live a wellness-lifestyle achieve optimal health and well-being.  Our patients are empowered to overcome their health challenges utilizing non-invasive, gentle chiropractic adjustments and other conservative care options.  We encourage our patients to take a more active role in restoring, maintaining, and improving their overall health as well as their family and loved ones.

Unlike many chiropractic offices, Dr. Brooks is not obsessed with “pain relief solutions.”  Dr. Brooks realizes that pain is just a symptom of dysfunction occurring in the spine or body.  Thus, addressing and correcting the dysfunction – wherever it occurs – is not only more effective but its results are longer lasting.  While we may accept patients who are only interested in pain relief, they do not represent the majority of our patients.  Most of our new patients are accepted due to their desire or dedication to live an active and healthy lifestyle while appreciating the benefits of chiropractic.

ChiroCare for Women, LLC is the only chiropractic office in Columbus, OH dedicated exclusively to women.  We enjoy being able to provide our patients with individualized care in a comfortable environment with the support of their peers.  Women travel far and wide to receive the care and services we offer in an all-female environment.

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